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<p>You can count on DC Shoes to provide the latest cutting edge looks in fashion when it comes to men’s clothes, and you know you can count on DC to have the hottest looks of the year no matter what the season. Our collection of pants, jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, shirts and shorts offer hot looks and outrageous performance. We’re known for our shoes, they are in our name and how we got our start, and we put just as much rebellion and attitude into our clothes, so you know when we put our name on a pair, they’re guaranteed to defy convention. Whether you looking for new board shorts for skating, denim for hitting the streets, a hoodie to keep things chill, or any of the rest of our clothes, you know you can count on that DC Shoes style and comfort you’ve come to trust. Although shoes are our roots, we’re not just about performance skate shoes either.  </p>

<p>Our full clothing collection has the same functionality and great looks that go into all of our men's shoes, ensuring they suit all tastes while enhancing individual styles. DC Shoes pack a whole lot of cool into your life and on the street with clothing that gets you noticed on or off your board or bike, and the best part is, DC Shoes doesn’t compromise. These aren’t just poser clothes for wannabees, these are clothes for people who are passionate about their game. You can count on our full clothing line to perform just as good as they look no matter what your activity or level of skill.  Whether you're looking for jeans, t-shirts, shorts, tanks or something more, the DC shop is guaranteed to offer you the right men’s wear no matter how active or casual your lifestyle. DC Shoes clothes are designed to be the best quality clothes to represent your lifestyle. Our clothes consist of the highest quality materials so you know you get what you pay for. Our clothing line isn’t the result of a bunch of marketing nerds crunching numbers who have never been on a skateboard or BMX bike either.</p>

<p> We consulted the people who actually defy convention and demand a bigger statement about who they are from their wardrobe and consulted our team of pro athletes asking them how we can make our clothes better. We design clothes that our team wants to identify with, creating a unique look for a special breed, and we know you are a special breed as well, one that likes to stand out from the rest. DC Shoes has years of experience helping those that stand out, stand out even further, people like Nyjah Houston, Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, Rob Dyrdek, Travis Rice,  Torstein Horgmo, and Corey Bohan. By keeping athletes like these cutting egge, they keep DC shoes cutting edge, and you too. You know we wouldn’t put our name on anything not worthy of the DC name just as these athletes wouldn’t wear anything that wasn’t up to spec in the latest fashion styles as well as they are in performance. To be good enough for our name, they have to be good enough for our team, as well as good enough for you. So, you know when you buy DC, you are going to get the best in both performance and style.</p>

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